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About Lisa “Magic” Mott

Lisa’s massage approach blends Eastern principles with Western modalities. She believes that pain is the body’s way of communicating imbalances and it is her goal to help you reconnect with your body and understand what it’s trying to tell you. Studying many modalities and philosophies to understand the body, she has developed special skills and talents that cover a broad range of therapeutic methods.  She knows how to assess the problem and assist the body’s natural healing abilities, often finding the muscular or energetic imbalances in the body that are overlooked or misunderstood.


An Orthopedic Sports Massage Therapist for two decades, a competitive Power Lifter, National Masters Champion Olympic Lifter, CrossFitter, Triathlete, and Yogini, Lisa has helped numerous professional and competitive athletes in the NJ and Philadelphia area. Plagued with injuries and chronic pain, it has been her mission to uncover the causes of dysfunction, how the body copes, and the corrective steps that can be taken, especially through weight training and yoga.

She knows that your foundation is what everything is built upon and is always striving to get the body into a better biomechanical position. Her 24 years experience as a massage therapist means she has a wealth of information and understanding about the body. Being an older athlete also gives her a different perspective and wisdom.

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