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What To Expect

After an initial conversation, injury history, and assessment, Lisa will help you realize how you have organized yourself in space, which may be causing or perpetuating your discomfort. We then start the process of restructuring and reeducation to bring you back to neutral. This is done through soft tissue manipulation, movement therapy, breath work and mindfulness. 


For some, the journey takes us to work through stored emotions and blockages. Every body’s path is unique and Lisa will help you peel back the layers of protection. We will work with what your body is presenting, helping you to return to a more balanced state. The “problem” area may not be the cause, just the effect of an issue elsewhere.


Change takes time. You should feel different and better, almost immediately, but lasting habits take some time to become integrated. The following schedule is recommended for most treatment cases. The longer you have had the issue, the longer the treatment process may take.

Ready to Start

Just fill out the info below and Lisa will respond back by email or text. We can chat on the phone if you want to know more.

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